The Bags - Mochibrand Drawstring Backpacks

No Uneven Cords.
No Traveling Knots.
No Flimsiness.

No more finagling with uneven cords. No more digging your fingers to open a closed bag.

Here is a drawstring backpack that is simply functional and built to last with an understated sense of style.



The World's First Premium Drawstring Backpacks With Adjustable Cords That Never Become Uneven or Unbalanced.






Channel-Anchored Drawstrings™

Channel-Anchored Drawstrings™

EXCLUSIVE FEATURES - Channel-Anchored Drawstrings™

The length of the cords, that form the shoulder loops, stay even and balanced 100% of the time, even after repeated opening and closing.
Channel-Anchored Drawstring cords allow the shoulder loops to be adjusted for the wearer, all without any visible knots on the outside.


Easy Pull-Open Handles™

Easy Pull-Open Handles™

EXCLUSIVE FEATURES - Easy Pull-Open Handles™

There are handles on each side of the bag for pulling apart a closed bag, ensuring even motions when opening and closing the bag. They also serve as a carrying handle.


True Side-Seam Zip Pocket™

True Side-Seam Zip Pocket™

EXCLUSIVE FEATURES - True Side-Seam Zip Pocket™

Not all side pockets are created equal. Our zip pocket is tucked in precisely between the seams. Inspired by the pockets from the snowboard pants, our pocket is deep, reinforced for added strength, made with the world class YKK.




Premium Water-Repellent Fabric

Premium Durable Water-Repellent Nylon Fabric

 FABRIC AND CONSTRUCTION - Premium Water-Repellent Fabric

Tried and true weight and thread count for the perfect top cinch. Durable and Water Repellent. High-Density. Polyurethane Coated, PVC Free. Outdoor Approved, and Adventure Ready.


Premium Material and Parts

Premium Material and Parts

FABRIC AND CONSTRUCTION - Premium Material and Parts

Only the best material and parts on the planet get in on the action. High Strength Polymers, Thermoplastics, Solid Brass, High-Tech Fibers, are engineered to surpass our standards.




DETAILS - Buckles and Straps

Buckles and Straps

Made with the toughest plastics known to mankind. High-strength, pro-blend webbing straps.

DETAILS - Metals and Leather

Metals and Leather

Custom fitted buckles, sliders, and d-rings. Handcrafted top grain leather straps.


DETAILS - Ropes and Cords

Ropes and Cords

Custom engineered firm-to-touch nautical ropes, extreme kernmantle ropes, outdoor utility ropes, and 550 parachute cords.

DETAILS - Custom Accessories

Custom Accessories

Custom developed high-performance accessories, exclusively designed for Mochibags.




BAG SIZES - Full Size

Full Size

Bigger than what you would expect.
Big enough for a men's basketball or a medium size motorcycle helmet.
20 inches tall and 17 inches wide.
(508mm x 432mm)

BAG SIZES - Slim Size

Slim Size

Average size you would normally expect.
Big enough for a soccer ball #5. Slimmer and stealthier.
17 inches tall and 14 inches wide.
(432mm x 356mm)




CARE - Hand Wash

Hand Wash

Damp wipe.

CARE - Hang Dry

Hang Dry

On the back of a chair.