Mochibrand was created on a firm belief that the conventional drawstring backpack can be seriously improved
and can be desirable with better design, better material, better workmanship, and superior service.
It is our mission to provide you the best drawstring backpack experience ever.

Our Story

As road warriors and weekend adventurers, we used conventional drawstring backpacks as secondary bags for the short trips to nearby beaches and towns, as the lightweight collapsible bags were convenient to pack and easy to use for a wide range of activities.

However, we were frustrated with the problems of shoulder loops becoming uneven and unbalanced with repeated use, and not having an easy way to open a closed bag. So, we set out to solve these problems with vast improvements in functions with minimalist styles to match. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and hundreds of rave reviews later, the reinvented drawstring backpack, Mochibag, was here to stay.

Today, several thousands of people use our products on a daily basis. Our strong conviction, and extraordinary passion for creating great designs, manufacturing quality products, and creating great user experience, drive us forward in building an innovative lifestyle brand people love.


    EST. 2011 | USA