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SuperSlim Pro mochi


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No more silly uneven cords. No more hard to open bags.

If you’ve ever wanted a drawstring backpack that was made for grown-ups, these are it. Drawstring backpacks have been around, and are made by many, but most are far from great. Except for these. No drawstring bag comes close. Keeping the cords balanced and giving your fingers a break since 2011.

Mochibrand - SuperSlim Pro mochi - Drawstring Backpack

SuperSlim Pro Mochibag

SuperSlim mochi drawstring backpack is designed to be minimalist, with attention to details like never before. It's simple, yet simply advanced, with the best in-class medium-weight high-density water-repellent outdoor fabric, fitted with MIL-SPEC wide adjustable straps, latest side-release buckles with non-slip lock, D-ring, and outdoor grade ropes as drawstrings, and above all, our exclusive trifecta of awesomeness.

Mochibrand® Exclusive Awesomeness

Channel-Anchored Drawstrings™. For shoulder loops that never become uneven or unbalancedEasy Pull-Open Handles™. For pulling apart a closed bag with even motions, also a top handleTrue Side-Seam Zip Pocket™. Not all side pockets are created equal. Runs deep. Zips down. YKK zipper.

More Awesomeness

Premium Durable Water-Repellent Nylon Fabric1000 Lbs of Tensile Strength Extreme Outdoor Utility RopesMilitary-SPEC Nylon Wide Strap HandlesLatest Side-Release Snap Buckle with Non-Slip LockMulti-Purpose Webbing Clip with Loose Strap Management

  Available in Full and Slim Sizes
  Full Year Product Warranty
  Assembled in USA


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